Thursday, February 23, 2006

last friday...

my iPod died. my iBook went to sleep with it plugged in, the iBook refused to wake up so i 'force-restarted' it. *bleep* iTunes does not recognise this volume. Please restore iPod.

4000 songs wiped just like that. oh well, that'll teach me to manually update the old 'Pod and not have it backed-up anywhere else.

it's now happily sync-ed, and all the fusty old tracks that i never listened to anyway have gone. it's a new slimline spring-cleaned 'Pod - or that's what i tell myself as i painstakingly load all my music back on to it again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

form 2006 - do you trust me?

i've finally gotten round to updating the bristol vineyard form pages. check out this year's team (and my new 'do) here.

i also saw my dentist on monday afternoon. apparently there was some tooth decay underneath the filling that fell out, and you can't expect a filling to last if you have decaying foundations. the conversation, hampered slightly by the fact that the entire left side of my face was paralysed by the anaesthetic, went something like this:

dentist: "statistically, the primary cause of tooth decay in people of your age is due to eating lots of sweets."

me: "huh? but I don't eat sweets."

dentist: "well you've got decay under the filling, are you sure you don't eat a lot of sugary snacks?"

me: "um, yes, i don't like sweets that much."

dentist: ...

me: "honestly, i don't!"

dentist: *continues to drill disbelievingly*

me: *drools slightly defensively*

dentist: *finishes procedure* "so lay off those sugary snacks in future, okay?"

me: "#%$@£¢! i don't eat sweets!"

Monday, February 13, 2006

chew on this

last night i flossed a piece of dental filling out. email me and i'll tell you what brand of dental floss i use, and which dentist to avoid.

check this out:

Get Camino!